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Asset Managementp20

Building a portfolio can be time consuming and costly. Harris Fraser can help you structure an investment portfolio to meet your personal investment objectives with careful planning, prudent stock selection and a wealth of global investment market knowledge ranging from low risk fixed-income financial instruments to high return investment products.

Education Planning

Higher Education and its associated costs are rising every year. If you have young children, the price you will pay for their education could be significantly higher than today’s prices.
Despite this rising cost, you will want your children to have the option to go to the education centre of their choice. So how do you save enough money for their education and still achieve your other financial goals?

Investment Savings Plans

Be it for your education, retirement, capital preservation or any other needs, earn the power of compounding through monthly contributions which effectively reduces market risks by means of dollar cost averaging.

General Insurance

We represent local and international insurance companies to protect you and your assets in the areas of life, medical, disability, travel, auto, employee compensation and most areas of insurance. Harris Fraser insurance service desk will organize competitive quotes to make sure you are adequately covered and receiving the best deal.

Ongoing Care Service

At Harris Fraser, we provide you ongoing care according to your preference. We have various levels of service to match your requirement for minimal to extensive levels of review, monitoring and matching of your financial portfolio and needs.

Private Banking Advisory

Being an External Asset Manager (EAM) for renowned banking institutions, Harris Fraser’s private banking and wealth management advisory services cater to high net worth individuals as well as corporate clients. Through our well-established and solid relationships with prestigious private banks, clients can easily access niche investment opportunities and markets globally.

Mutual Funds

Harris Fraser as intermediary represents many of the most common mutual funds and unit trusts and can help you to invest directly at any time. Please ask for an updated list and one of our advisors will assist you.

MPF Advisory

As a registered MPF Intermediary, Harris Fraser offers a wide range of MPF schemes. Consultants can formulate a plan for your company ensuring that your employees are well looked after and receive the most benefits.

Tax Planning

If you are emigrating or planning an extended holiday overseas, Harris Fraser can assist you in making the transition hassle free. Harris Fraser is always ready to advise you on the most efficient way to access and protect your assets during your move or stay anywhere in the world.

Corporate and Trust Services

Harris Fraser Group offers trust structures and company formation services from in-house experts. We can also help you with estate planning and pre-migration planning to help you plan for your move from one country to another.