Charitable Foundation

Harris Fraser Volunteers & Charity Foundation Limited (HFVCF) set up and was registered as a charitable institution in Hong Kong in October 2005. The spirit is to help “the poor of the poorest”. The following is one project amongst many that HFVCF has completed.

The children in Nanning of Guangxi, a poor village in China finally do not have to walk for 3 hours everyday to school anymore, now that a new school has been built near their hometown, thanks to help from Harris Fraser.

p2These poor children from the rural farm area in China had little education as their family could not afford to send them to schools that are often located far away from home. “The children and their families were very happy. It’s important to them because the children can now help out their parents in the farm,” said Ms Halena Ng, Executive Director of Harris Fraser and the founder of HFVCF.

Providing medical support to poor children in North Korea is another recent project funded by HFVCF. “Due to political reasons, lots of big charitable foundations are unable to offer support in the communist country. Children there are dying of starvation and lacking medicine. The Foundation has no political background so it’s free to help those who are in need,” said Ms. Ng.

Besides donations, the Foundation also sent voluntary workers to provide care at leprosarium and build aids hospices. The HK$2 million Foundation set up since October 2005 gave away money to causes in Hong Kong and beyond, including Cambodia, Thailand and India, focusing on the “poor of the poorest”. It is part of the company’s commitment to corporate social responsibility, a concept that has grown bigger over the years.

p1For Harris Fraser, the work of giving back to the community started several years ago even before the Foundation was established. “ The company has been donating to various organizations and it’s time to set up its own foundation rather than doing it through other parties”, said Ms. Ng.

On top of this, more and more people are coming forward to seek help for funding. “ Our limited and sporadic contributions in the past could no longer meet the increasing demands and the work we want to do ,” she said, “ so we decided to establish and develop the foundation in a proper manner, which is regulated , consistent and sustainable.”

Each company that subscribes to social responsibility focuses on different priorities. For HFVCF they are: financial support for the aged, the dying and underprivileged; and medical support for clinics, education, and building orphanages and Christian.

More details on our charitable foundation in the news.