Investment Tutorial

7 Good Reasons to Buy Funds

Easy to Handle

All you have to do is just fill in the application form and then invest, there is no need to involve complicated procedure like that found in settlement and clearing of stocks.

Enjoy Diversification

Since unit trusts invest in a basket of stocks, they can provide investment diversification. Contact us to help you diversify your investment portfolio.

Professional Managementp21

Professional fund managers, supported by numerous global investment analysts, use first hand information, to make sound investment decisions.

Saves Time & Money

Investing in funds can save you the time and effort of individually researching, evaluating, and tracking a whole portfolio of stocks

Low Initial Investment Amount

You may need more than tens of thousands of dollars to buy. However, with most of the funds offered in Hong Kong, the minimum investment amount can be as little as HK$8,000.

Investment Flexibility for Advanced Investors

Funds investment can allow you to diversify and balance your whole portfolio in areas of the market that you are not very familiar with, such as emerging markets.

By legal regulations, unit trusts and mutual funds must periodically disclose their complete investment holdings through semi / annual reports. This allows the investor greater access to more information about unit trusts.