The Harris Fraser Service

Our personal financial advisors meet the financial needs of their clients by using their knowledge of investments and insurance to recommend financial solutions. We help clients to identify and plan to meet short and long-term goals for the purpose of retirement and estate planning, funding the college education of their children, or for the simple purpose of making appropriate investment choices.

p18Our financial advisors begin work with a client by setting up a consultation. This is usually an in-person meeting where the advisor obtains as much information as possible about the client’s finances and goals. The advisor then develops a comprehensive financial plan that identifies the financial needs of the client, makes recommendations to address those needs, and selects appropriate investments compatible with those needs. The client’s needs, including the client’s financial goals, attitude toward risk and expectations or just the need for a return on their investment are considered in the recommendations. Sometimes this plan is written, but more often it is in the form of verbal advice. In any case, Harris Fraser is independent from all financial product providers so we act for your interests and benefit.

For Harris Fraser’s financial advisors, a new – but fundamental service – is to provide ongoing review services with established clients at least once a year. This service is offered, in order to update clients on potential investment opportunities and to adjust their financial plan to any life changes—such as marriage, disability, retrenchment, or retirement. Harris Frasers’s financial advisors also believe that the continued education of their clients about risks and various possible market scenarios is important so that clients do not harbor unrealistic expectations.