Asset Management

p3Harris Fraser’s asset management business provides investment management advice that covers a vast array of requirements set out by our clients. Our goal in our asset management business is to provide advice that produces superior risk-adjusted investment returns and provide investment solutions that address the needs of our clients. Harris Fraser achieves this by providing advice on a selection of managed investment funds.

Asset Management, at Harris Fraser, is the art and science of making decisions about investment mix, matching investments to objectives, diversification, and balancing risk against performance.

From Harris Fraser’s point of view – asset management covers a wide range of areas that include strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in the choice of debt vs. equity, emerging markets vs. established markets, growth vs. safety, and many other tradeoffs encountered in the attempt to maximize return based on a clients risk appetite.

Asset Management is one of the core businesses of Harris Fraser. Recently we have expanded our team of investment experts who have extensive experience with the European, US, China and South China markets. Our substantial experience covers a variety of investment instruments including stocks, options, mutual funds, gold, and bonds. For these reasons, we believe our clients can be assured a remarkable investment return.

1) Why Harris Fraser as investment manager?

Harris Fraser was founded in 1990 as one of the pioneers of the Independent Financial Advisor industry in Hong Kong to provide professional investment services.

Our substantial investment experience together with our excellent management culture means that Harris Fraser has competitive advantages against her competitors. Harris Fraser is sure to be the right choice as investment manager when one is considering asset management services.

2) What kind of asset protection will clients obtain?

The assets under management by Harris Fraser is highly protected as those assets will be deposited in banks or reputable financial institutions with the highest credit rating, and the whole trading process is governed by strict regulations and ordinances issued by the Hong Kong Government. According to the nature of the instruments invested and for the best interests of the client, some part of the assets may be moved offshore and protected by a trustee.

3) Who needs asset management services?

1.Those who are professionals or business people, as they are busy with their work and have
no time to look after their investments.
Although there are no guarantees, by using Harris Fraser’s Asset Management services, you
are more likely to obtain an annual investment return without diverting your focus from your
business or career.
2.Those who are going to retire or are already retired.
Harris Fraser can assist you in obtaining a stable investment return which can provide an
income while enjoying your retired life.
3.Those who are planning to immigrate to Hong Kong.
You need an investment professional to help you design an investment plan as an important
part of the whole process. Due to our knowledge and experience with portfolio management
and the local investment market, we can help you to insulate your portfolio from the impact
of economic crisis.
4.Those who have inadequate investment knowledge or those with not enough information in
order to sustain an investment return.
You can consider taking advantage of Harris Fraser’s Asset Management services to help you
minimize your risk while maximizing your return.

4) What is the investment approach of Harris Fraser?

After the client has opened an asset management account, Harris Fraser will formulate the risk strategy according to the client’s risk tolerance level and the investment guidelines set up by the client for the investment manager. A “top-down strategy” is frequently used as our investment strategy, which is mainly focused on the economic cycle, money flows and trends. After looking at
the macro conditions around the world, the different industrial sectors are analyzed in order to select those that are forecasted to outperform the market. This kind of investment approach is commonly used by most mutual fund managers.

5) How can Harris Fraser ensure high standards in the asset management service?

Harris Fraser’s investment manager closely monitors the assets being managed including periodically evaluating and reviewing the assets performance. These processes ensure the investment guidelines given by clients are strictly adhered to. In addition, during the investment process, the investment manager builds in a measure of risk control such as measuring the credit worthiness of investments and aiming to avoid default risk both in considering the region and relevant instruments to invest in.