General Insurance

p7At Harris Fraser we know you cannot stop the unexpected from happening but with the right insurance you can protect yourself, your family and your belongings when things go wrong. If you need medical treatment, insurance can pay for private healthcare. And in the case of accidental injury, insurance can help you financially.

As part of our commitment to helping you make an informed decision, here are some things to think about when you take out insurance.

Some types of insurance may be required, if you have a mortgage and if you drive.  But most insurance products aren’t required. Though, with the right type of insurance you can still achieve peace of mind when life takes an unexpected turn.

Your Harris Fraser financial advisor can go through the options with you so that you select the correct policy and level of cover by assisting you in identifying appropriate insurance solutions and in making sure that you provide the necessary information to get the right cover. If you choose the wrong type of policy or wrong level of cover, you may find yourself under-insured or paying for cover you do not need.

Harris Fraser can help you by reviewing your existing insurance to ensure that you have the right type of policy and the correct level of cover. Please feel free to ask your Harris Fraser financial advisor to provide you with our Harris Fraser insurance solution.