Ongoing Care Service

p23The Harris Fraser OnGoing Care Service

The Harris Fraser OnGoing Care Service is committed to assisting you in maintaining control of changes.Changes in:

  • Your financial circumstances
  • Your plans for the future – lifestyle, family, and relationships
  • Local and global economic environment
  • Local and global  investment market trends
  • Your investment portfolio

By utilizing the Harris Fraser OnGoing Care Service any alterations in your financial affairs,
that need to be made as a result of the changes mentioned, can be conducted smoothly and in a timely manner.

How the OnGoing Care Service works for you

Once you have reviewed with your advisor the level of service you will require – you can join The Harris Fraser OnGoing Care Service and receive the following benefits:

* Regular Investment Portfolio Reports
At regular intervals you will receive an investment statement,
checked by your advisor, which will show you an updated value of
your investments.

* Market Reviews
You can receive the Harris Fraser Group market reviews via E-mail. These reviews are
produced exclusively for Harris Fraser clients. The reviews highlight specific Global Market News,
World indices, including the Harris Fraser Research’s views on portfolio structure and regional
market trends.

p22 * Investment Monitoring
Our in house research specialist monitors both local and global
investment markets as well as economic trends so that your
advisor can provide you with the most timely advice.

* New Investment Opportunities, Strategies and Services
The Harris Fraser Group is constantly evaluating and looking for
new investment opportunities to meet your requirements. New
investment strategies are continuously being developed to
improve and maintain your financial returns. Services that both
compliment and provide support to your financial situation will
also be on offer to meet your needs.

 * OnGoing Access to Your Advisor
Having joined the Harris Fraser OnGoing Care Service you will have the continued support and
counsel of your advisor. Your portfolio can be fine – tuned to ensure that it continues to adjust
to changes in the investment markets and economic conditions as well as your personal

* Tax, Legal, Trust and Offshore Services
The Harris Fraser Group has both in-house competence and strategic relationships with other
professionals and financial institutions – to meet the needs of clients in such areas as tax,
estate planning, trust and offshore services.

* Special Client Seminars and Functions
You will be invited to dedicated client seminars and functions designed to keep you informed
of the latest investment market trends and economic environment. You will discover how to
take advantage of these trends and environment to the benefit of your financial situation and
your investments.

Who can Benefit from Joining the Harris Fraser OnGoing Care Service
The Harris Fraser OnGoing Care service will provide you with opportunities and a variety of investment choices, as well as financial control and security. This service is best suited if you are:

* Actively building wealth for the future.p24
* Looking for ways to invest a lump sum of money.
* An employer needing advice on superannuation and medical
insurance for management and staff.
* A small business owner wanting to make their money work harder.
* Approaching retirement and want to ensure your retirement funds
are invested wisely and will last through your retirement.
* Already retired and want your financial affairs managed to
achieve a more comfortable lifestyle.
* Too busy to manage their own financial affairs and want the
assistance of a professional dedicated team.

Learn more about how you can enjoy the benefits of greater financial control and security through the Harris Fraser OnGoing Care service. Review your choices below:

* Packaged Services, or
* Selected Services

Become a member of the Harris Fraser Groups OnGoing Care Service.