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360 Parenting and Childcare Solutions

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We are your healthcare management partner. ​​​​

We apply the wealth management model to the healthcare sector to provide healthcare management solutions for children and adults. With our partnership with Pangenia, a leading professional molecular diagnostics (MDx) group in Hong Kong, we provide healthcare planning, critical illness solutions and services that deal with genetic inheritance.

Identifying a child’s strengths and guiding them to the right path ensures your child’s success and prevent behavioural problems in later years. Harris Fraser can provide a range of screenings and services to help parents recognise what is best for their children.

Wealth and health are the most important aspects of everyone's life.

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360 Parenting and Childcare Solutions

  • Time management: invest your time and effort in the classes and developmental programmes that will most benefit your child.
  • Big savings: focus resources on the aspects that truly matter to developing your child’s full potential.
  • A happier parent-child relationship: Avoid unwanted arguments with your child as a result of forcing them to do things they are not good at.
  • A real head start: Give your child a real head start in life by supporting them in their inherent talents and abilities.
Physical and Mental Health Screening

This health screening is the quickest and easiest way to determine whether your child is experiencing any symptoms of mental and physical health conditions. It can detect symptoms common to 10 genetic diseases, including ADHD, autism, Asperger’s, congenital heart defects and leukemia.

Inborn Talent Genetic Discovery Test

Knowing children's genetic make-up allows parents to control their development and nurture those gifts. This test package can serve as a roadmap to planning your child’s future through DNA mapping.

This testing package includes 48 items to provide parents with a full spectrum of talent assessment including in-born skills, physical assessment and mental capabilities.

Delayed and Immediate Allergy Test

The allergy testing package identifies more than 200 common food and environmental allergens (standard allergy tests generally identify just seven or eight) that may adversely affect your child, addressing both delayed and immediate allergies.

Consultation and Referral Services

Once clients have completed our health screenings and tests, we (including Pangenia's on-hand experts) provide professional consultation services to offer comprehensive advice and planning services with regard to the results.

About Pangenia Group
Founded by Professor Joseph Wing-On Tam in 2006, Pangenia Group is one of Hong Kong’s largest biotech companies specializing in molecular diagnostics (MDx). The company has analysed more than 700,000 clinical samples in their own laboratory, and it is the first independent private laboratory to get a license for pre-implantation genetic screening services in Hong Kong.
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Service details

360 Parenting and Child Care Solutions

  • Test Description
    • 22PLUS Talent Test (48 Items)
    • 22PLUS IgE Allery Test (80 items)
    • 22PLUS Food Intolerance Test (200 items)
    • Mygenia® Kids related diseases panel (Screening for 10 specially selected diseases including ADHD, Autism and Congenital cardiac diseases etc.)
    • Report consultation by certified genetic counsellor
  • Specimen
    • 3-4 drops of blood on filter paper for Food Intolerance test (IgG)
    • 6 buccal swabs for Talent Test, another 6 for diseases panel
    • 3ml clotted blood for Ige Allergy Test (Immediate Allergy)
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