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Genetic Heritage and Risk Assessment Management

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Why is generics important to everyone?

Genes record human hereditary material and information in DNA. Genes are also vital to our health.

Today's advanced science and technology collect genetic information of individuals at an early stage to find out the risks of inheriting a genetic disease.

Harris Fraser and Pangenia advocate taking precautions against diseases, as prevention is always better than cure. Helping our clients and their families understand their genetic heritage from a risk assessment enables them to prepare better for the future and take appropriate measures to improve their lifestyle.

As a one-stop financial platform, we work seamlessly with our group companies and benefited from their individual capabilities.

Halena Ng, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Who should be considered?

Genetic Heritage and Risk Assessment Management

  • Anyone of any age, even if you consider yourself healthy.
  • Those often exposed to high-radiation or a highly polluted environment.
  • Anyone with an unhealthy lifestyle: a) Smoking, alcohol abuse or bad eating habits; b) Overweight, lack of exercise.
  • Anyone who is worried about self-carrying cancer genes.
  • Anyone with a family history of any disease, e.g. heart disease, cancer, genetic disease.
  • Pregnant women who have had a miscarriage.
  • Pregnant couples.
Genetic Heritage and Risk Assessment Management
  • Mygenia® ONE 3000 Hereditary Diseases risk assessment (including cancer, cardiac risks, early death, intellectual development and dementia)
  • Wellness-PRO Gene Test 27 Items
  • Report Consultation by certified genetic counsellor
  • Genetic disease risk follow-up (if positive)
Next Generation Sequencing
  • 190+ Cancer-related diseases assessment 
  • 500+ Developmental disability-related diseases assessment 
  • 180+ Mental disability-related diseases assessment 
  • 30+ Gender development disorder-related diseases assessment 
  • 20+ Heart-related disease assessment 
  • 170+ Premature death risk-related diseases assessment 
  • 30+ Metabolic disorder-related diseases assessment 
About Pangenia Group
Founded by Professor Joseph Wing-On Tam in 2006, Pangenia Group is one of Hong Kong’s largest biotech companies specializing in molecular diagnostics (MDx). The company has analysed more than 700,000 clinical samples in their own laboratory, and it is the first independent private laboratory to get a license for pre-implantation genetic screening services in Hong Kong.
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Do you know...

How DNA helps family planning?

  • Understand the past and the future


    Knowing what has been inherited and what might be passed on to the next generation helps with family planning.

  • Understand if babies could be at risk of disease

    It’s useful for couples to know their genetic status and to detect any genetic diseases at an early stage in order to assess whether their babies could be at risk of disease or critical illness.

  • Take the necessary precautions

    This helps couples to stay one step ahead and to take the necessary precautions to keep risk to a minimum.

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