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Over the past 30 years, Harris Fraser Group is committed to helping clients create a better future. We understand that our valued clients expect professional advices and services from us. Therefore, we are committed to providing services in both financial planning and overseas education preparation for your descendants. Our goal is to help clients create a better life and we delicate our services to cover every aspects of your needs. Our scope of services includes advisory of below areas: immigration, international real estate investment, relocation, asset management, etc.

We provide a tailor-made immigration plan based on your specific needs. Meanwhile, we cooperate with different professional institutions such as tax advisors, practicing immigration lawyers, etc., to ensure high-quality services on immigration arrangements are provided to help clients in adapting to a new environment.

Most parents care about future education of their kids, we will provide education consultation that perfectly suit them. Apart from assisting in an examination preparation and school selection based on their abilities and academic performance, we also help with accommodation arrangements for your children.

Every customer wishes their family deserve the best. Immigration and education are decisive issues, so we hope to help clients to prepare for their future.

Halena Ng, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Why Harris Fraser

We help you make a right immigration decision.

  • Over the past 30 years, Harris Fraser Group has been growing with our valued clients together. In addition to helping you achieve your financial goals, we also assist you and your children in immigration and overseas education plan.
  • We only cooperate with business partners with a good track record. Before introducing our tailor-made immigration projects to our clients, we would conduct a thorough due diligence in order to review our business partners’ background
  • Our Investment Research Team has solid experiences in investment management.
  • We have well-developed overseas networks. No matter where our clients are, we can provide them with comprehensive settlement services.
Popular destinations

Australia is globally famous for its natural environment and comprehensive social welfare system. The time zone difference between Hong Kong and Australia is three hours at most, which makes Australia a preferred immigration destination of many Hong Kong people. With reference to the “Global Wealth Migration Review”, Australia has been rated as the top destination for global high-net-worth people. The report shows that the stable political and economic environment has attracted a lot of people to relocate to Australia.

Australia is currently the world's 12th largest economy. With the continuous influx of expats, immigration has become one of the important factors supporting the Australian economy. The options of migrating to Australia are:

  • Business innovation and investment migration;
  • Skilled migration; and
  • Spouse and family reunion migration.

Canada is one of the best countries to live in the world due to its excellent quality of life. The federal government has implemented different ethnic diversity policies, which can help new migrants to easily adapt to Canadian culture.

There are many immigration programs in Canada, most of them can be divided into federal nomination and provincial nomination programs (PNP). For PNP, each provincial government will invite suitable applicants according to their needs. With reference to the immigration levels plan, the federal government intends to continue to attract overseas elites to Canada in the future. The immigration quota will increase to approximately 350,000 per year in the coming 2 years, and a series of pilot programs will also be launched in order to solve the problem of insufficient labor in some regional areas in Canada. The options of migrating to Canada include:

  • Business migration;
  • Skilled migration;
  • Experience class migration; and
  • Spouse and family reunion migration.

Taiwan is one of the destinations which Hong Kong people are eager to travel. Hong Kong and Taiwan share similar cultures and languages, and the cost of living in Taiwan is lower than that in Hong Kong. According to the "Worldwide Cost of Living 2019" published by the Economist Intelligence Unit, Hong Kong was ranked as having the highest cost of living in the world, while Taiwan was ranked 56 in the world. With reference to the relevant research reports of the two places, it shows that the cost of living in Hong Kong is 55% higher than that in Taiwan, it which implies that the consumption index of these two places is remarkably different.

Taiwan has amended the laws and regulations on investment immigration. Under the circumstance that the investment capital (6 million Taiwan dollars) remains unchanged, the period for which a client is required to operate a company has been increased from one year to three years, and two Taiwanese employees are required. Simultaneously, the immigration requirements remain unchanged. You can apply for settlement after satisfying the residency requirements.

United Kingdom

The UK is well known for a long history and stable economic environment. Besides, London is an internationally renowned financial center and one of the most advanced cities in Europe. On the other hand, British education system is of excellent global reputation and are  is recognized by employers worldwide. According to the "QS World University Rankings 2021", 4 out of 10 universities in UK were ranked  as the top 10 universities in the world. In addition, British education system focuses on cultivating students' critical thinking, analytical and leadership skills, which are important in students’ growth and development. The immigration routes in the UK are mainly divided into:

  • Investor visa;
  • Work visa;
  • Start-up and innovator visa; and
  • Family reunion visa

For Hong Kong BN(O) passport holders, you and your dependents can apply to immigrate to the UK together from January 2021. Once you meet the residency requirements, you can apply for indefinite leave to remain and obtain British citizenship.

European countries

European countries have their own unique immigration programs, most of them have relatively loose requirements towards the applicants. For instance, many countries don’t have requirements on applicants’ age, education, or language level. Clients can obtain right of residence through investment in real estate, government-approved construction projects, or national bonds. Harris Fraser provides various immigration plans that suit different circumstances:

  • Investing in property: Participating countries include Portugal, Turkey, Greece, etc. You can obtain residency status by purchasing local properties. After holding the properties for a certain period of time, you can sell it on in the market. An example  is Portuguese golden visa, the local property market has developed steadily over the past years. Therefore, immigration through purchasing property does not only provide you a foreign residency status, but also allow you to reallocate your assets globally.
  • Investment in designated projects: You can obtain residency status by purchasing construction projects approved by the local government or national bonds. An example of is Ireland, after completing an investment, you can obtain the residency status, and the project providers or the government will also return the investment amount to you after the specified period. On the other hand, in addition to property investment, Portugal also provides an immigration pathway for applicants to fulfill the requirements by investing in national bonds.
  • Donation to immigration projects: Countries such as Malta and Ireland can be applied for immigration through donation. After the donation, there are no additional conditions for obtaining residency status.
What sets us apart?
Harris Fraser works with service providers across different regions and sectors to identify your needs, help you gain access to suitable financial products and implement personalised solutions for you.
Our values
Scope of Services

We provide various services

  • Immigration services

    To help you relocating to your dream country, we will tailor an immigration plan that suits your needs and requirements.

    Harris Fraser Group is proficient in immigration laws of various countries and we have successfully assisted many clients in handling visa applications and meeting their needs of life planning.

    Generally, there are two types of immigration programs:

    • Residence Programs;
    • Citizenship Programs

    We understand our valued clients prefer to have different choices. We also understand you would like to have precise immigration advice and relocation services. Our team connects with the professionals all over the world who share the same view with us. We hope our valued clients will have an exceptional experience before and after immigration.

    On the other hand, for professionals and high-net-worth clients, they may not prefer countries with very strict residency requirements for migration planning, such as the UK. We also provide a series of citizenship solutions with looser residency requirements that clients can obtain a citizenship without actually moving aboard. It can also help allocate your assets globally.

  • Wealth Management

    We understand that you will need to allocate you assets before you start your immigration plan. We are able to help you through every steps of the process, as well as provide wealth consultation to assist in your wealth and tax planning after you move aboard.

    Investment immigration programs in most countries require applicants to invest in different investment products designated by the local government. Some countries require applicants to invest your their assets in corporate bonds, custody funds and investment properties. Our investment research team has solid foreign investment experiences. We also cooperate with our local partners to help you to create a diversified investment portfolio in achieving your long-term financial goals.

    In addition to asset management, we also understand that, during visa application process, you might need professional advice to help building up your assets strategically with a sustainable and diversified portfolio. We aim helping you to achieve a better tax planning strategies and create a better future for your family. With the experience of the past 30 years and our professional wealth management team, we will accompany you by providing different investment options and personalized plans.

  • Overseas education advisory

    We understands that future development of your children is important. We tailor courses for your children based on their abilities and academic performance. The courses aim to improve their academic performance and provide interview training, especially an interview in prestigious schools. With an advanced plan for your kids, it they will have a higher chance to admit the best colleges and universities in the world.

    We provide advisory service based on the academic results of your kids, then provide suitable options accordingly. If they are in F.6, they can either proceed to enroll in pre-entry course of university or enrolling at university directly. If they are younger and you wish they stay with locals, we can arrange boarding families and schools by for them to experience foreign culture and improve English language.

    We assist your kids to find a right path in course selection. After understanding their hobbies, visions and academic results, we will provide advice and assistance in course enrollment. Meanwhile, we help them increase competitive advantage by providing various courses and materials.

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