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Immigration Advisory


Every client wishes their family deserve the best. Immigration and education are decisive issues, so we hope to help clients to prepare for their future.

Andy Lam, Chief Executive Officer


Over the past 30 years, Harris Fraser Group is committed to helping clients create a better future. 

We provide a tailor-made immigration plan based on your specific needs. Meanwhile, we cooperate with different professional institutions such as tax advisors, practicing immigration lawyers, etc., to ensure high-quality services on immigration arrangements are provided to help clients in adapting to a new environment.

Why Harris Fraser

We help you make a right immigration decision.

  • We do not just help you to achieve your financial goals, we also assist you and your children in immigration and overseas education plan.
  • We only cooperate with business partners with a good track record.We will conduct a thorough due diligence in order to review our business partners’ background.
  • We have well-developed overseas networks, we can provide our clients with comprehensive settlement services.
  • Our Investment Research Team has solid experiences in investment management.

Scope of Services

We provide various services

  • Immigration services

    To help you relocating to your dream country, we will tailor an immigration plan that suits your needs and requirements.


  • Wealth Management

    We understand that you will need to allocate you assets before you start your immigration plan. We are able to help you through every steps of the process, as well as provide wealth consultation to assist in your wealth and tax planning after you move aboard.

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  • Overseas education advisory

    We understands that future development of your children is important. We tailor courses for your children based on their abilities and academic performance. 

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