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Discretionary Investment Management

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We understand that the increasing pace and complexity of global financial markets present a host of challenges for investors trying to manage their portfolios.

As such, we invest and manage assets on our clients’ behalf with the help of our unique network of experts and business partners in order to maintain and grow their wealth.

Your diversified, discretionary portfolio may incorporate a mix of Harris Fraser's solutions or third-party products across the spectrum of asset classes and include developed or emerging market fixed income and equities, as well as alternative investments such as discretionary hedge fund portfolios and advisory hedge portfolios or real estate.

Our experts provide specialised and innovative financial advisory services to help clients achieve their lifetime goals and meet their ongoing needs.

Discretionary investment management is dynamic and engaging.


Key features and investment themes include

Harris Fraser In-house Discretionary Solutions

  • Global liquidity including multi-currency.
  • Domestic, global and emerging markets fixed income.
  • Domestic, global and emerging markets equities, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).
  • Multi-asset programmes.
  • Alternative investments – discretionary hedge fund portfolios and advisory hedge portfolios.
Key Portfolios
FLEMING Portfolio (Funds only)

Our FLEMING Portfolio, 'FLEMING' emphasis on a 'buy and hold' strategy. Based on a value-investing discipline, our portfolio managers aim to identify and invest into undervalued assets with great upside potentials. Based on the strategy, they will try to minimize the trading turnover to capture the full investment cycle. Technical analysis is also involved to enhance the timing on execution.

Visionary Investment Portfolio Services

Visionary Investment Portfolio Services (VIPS) is an investment solution for clients who participate in the Investment Linked Assurance Schemes (ILAS). VIPS provides a stable return and minimises the portfolio risk over the longer run.

What sets us apart?
We provide investors with a wide spectrum of asset classes and world-class resources. Our team of experts works with clients to develop their personalised and need-based investment strategies. Clients can choose to manage their portfolio through Harris Fraser's In-house Discretionary Solutions, their dedicated Relationship Managers, or by using an External Asset Management (EAM) model.
Our Portfolio Management Team
How it works

Your dedicated investment management partner

  • Meet financial advisors that identify your needs

    First, we discuss your financial situation, investment goals and risk tolerance. Then you can choose whether Harris Fraser's In-house Discretionary Solutions, a Relationship Manager, or using an External Asset Management (EAM) model to manage your portfolio.

  • Harris Fraser In-house Discretionary Solutions

    We develop comprehensive investment strategies that account for risk profile. These centrally-managed portfolios change in response to the markets can be crucial in a volatile economic climate.

  • Your dedicated Relationship Manager

    Our Relationship Managers provide wealth management advice and create personalised portfolios based on your needs. You can also correspond with our in-house research team, product experts and business partners.

  • External Asset Management (EAM) model

    EAMs are external advisors on lasting settlements such as successions and trusts. EAMs provide services including Asset Allocation, Family Governance, Estate and Tax Planning, Corporate Advisory and Private Placement.

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