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We stay true to our commitments notwithstanding changes that may occur worldwide.  Our groups DNA of ‘Integrity, Commitment, and Sincerity’ has not changed since our inception.  Our spirit of being pragmatic while studiously working to realize our clients’ financial goals continues.

Harris Fraser Group was first established in 1990 with our 30th anniversary this year.  During our Thirty years, the Group has witnessed numerous major global political and economic crises. Harris Fraser has continued to serve its clients while protecting and growing their wealth.  The key to this success in turbulent times revolves around our prudent and safety-first business philosophy.

Over the past few decades, markets have become more complicated and fluid, especially this year. Geopolitical risks, public health issues, economic downturns and other untold factors appear rapidly from all directions, challenging the world’s economy and business environment.

Despite ongoing challenges occurring on a continual basis, our focus on the long term prospect’s while holding true to our DNA of ‘Integrity, Commitment, Sincerity’, will always allow us to serve in the best interest of our clients and business partners going forward.

Halena Ng, Chairman and CEO

Harris Fraser is a prestige wealth management company.

Clare Lau, Group Director

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