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Other Financial Advisory

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We are your strategic financial advisory partner.

By understanding the objectives and working as a partner throughout the advisory process, Harris Fraser and their professional partners provide advices for a broad range of strategic and financial matters.

Our experts provide specialised and innovative financial advisory services to help clients achieve their lifetime goals and meet their ongoing needs.

We want our clients and their wealth to grow with us. Our ability to meet our clients' needs explains our longevity in the industry.



We help you make right decisions.

  • With 30 years of experience, Harris Fraser has successfully assisted our clients to meet their financial goals and to navigate local and global economic challenges.
  • At Harris Fraser, we pride ourselves on our impeccable and world-class client servicing.
  • At Harris Fraser we believe that the beauty of knowledge is by sharing it as broadly as possible with our clients.
MPF Advisory

As a registered MPF Intermediary, Harris Fraser caters to the pension needs of both employers and employees. We work with our clients to recommend the most suitable MPF providers to maximise the benefits and minimise exposure to risk.

What sets us apart?
Harris Fraser works with service providers across different regions and sectors to identify your needs, help you gain access to suitable financial products and implement personalised solutions for you.
Our values
How it works

We walk you through every step of the way

  • Meet your financial advisor to identify your needs

    We first gain a comprehensive understanding of your financial situation, investment goals and risk tolerance. Then, your financial advisor will develop a recommended solution based on your overall goals.

  • Get a personalised plan

    Based on your needs, your financial advisor will provide you with a series of recommendations for your reference. Whether it is for children's education, immigration or retirement protection, we will provide you with the most suitable and detailed information.

  • Stay on track of the progress

    Once you start your journey with us, our advisors are available to meet to review and ensure your plans remain on track.

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