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Catering to both high-net-worth individuals and corporate clients, Harris Fraser Elite specialises in private banking advisory, wealth and portfolio management services, estate and succession planning.

Hand-picked for their impeccable investment knowledge, Harris Fraser Elite’s Relationship Managers provide world-class client services.

We understand that every client has unique needs, we have the experience and expertise to meet the full range of private wealth service requirements with the benefit of global knowledge and local insights.

Our Values
  • Credibility

    Harris Fraser has the ability and willingness to deliver continuously on our promises

  • Integrity

    Our integrity is demonstrated to clients through every interaction.

  • Knowledge

    We believe in investing in knowledge and sharing it with our clients

  • Understanding

    We develop a strong understanding of business and people so we can work better together

  • Pioneering

    We are pioneers in financial and wealth management solutions.

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The Elite Team

Our asset management team has years of extensive experience.

Our Investment Research Team embraces a top-down analytical approach, one that begins with an intensive fundamental research on the macro aspects of individual country, region, sector; and then further down to technical analysis such as cross-market money-flow and trends to identify investment opportunities. Investing across diverse asset classes with strategic asset allocation, our mission is to deliver a satisfied risk-adjusted return to meet the objectives of our clients, reaching a win-win situation.

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