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Tailored Solution for Entrepreneur

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Harris Fraser offers financial solutions tailored to the entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs need financial services that the small finance institutions cannot offer in terms of service and product complexities, and access to financial products issued by banks and international financial firms.

Harris Fraser provides entrepreneurs with end-to-end solutions and specialised offerings of financial services tailored to their needs. We know entrepreneurs have ambitions such as taking their business to go public for market-capitalisation and business expansions, Harris Fraser’s unique business model coupled with the capabilities of Mason Group’s investment banking arm - delivers high-quality integrated solutions, advice, and services to entrepreneurs.

As a one-stop financial platform, we work seamlessly with our group companies and benefited from their individual capabilities.

Halena Ng, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Why we are different?

We can help you on your road to success

  • We have extensive business networks together with major insurance companies and financial institutions.
  • We partner with reputable private banks to offer our clients with personalised financial and investment services and products.
  • Together with Mason's Group, we provide our corporate clients with a full range of investment banking services.
  • All our relationship managers are hand-picked for their expertise and experience. Our clients will have their dedicated relationship mangers to look after their needs and to support them from all walks of journey with us.
Service Features

Private Banking Advisory

We work with reputable private banks to service business owners with a unique, market-leading service. Services include investment services, wealth planning and protection, and banking solutions.

Corproate Finance and IPO Solutions

Harris Fraser works with our preferred partners to provide comprehensive services, such as Initial Public Offering (IPO) sponsorship, shares placings and underwriting, securities brokerage and equity research.

With the help from our parent group - Mason Investment Banking Division, we can help our clients list their companies successfully in the Hong Kong capital market.

Corporate MPF Advisory

As a registered MPF Intermediary, Harris Fraser caters to the pension needs of employers and employees. We work with clients recommending the most suitable MPF providers to maximise the benefits and minimise exposure to risk.

Key-man Insurance

Keyman Insurance provides your company with the appropriate financial support to keep your business running in the event that your key people (owner, director, or CEO) in your business have a premature death or disability that disrupts operations and threatens survival.

Harris Fraser Healthcare Solutions

Your health is the most precious asset.

Let us be your trusted wealth and health partner.

Wealth and health are vital in life. By applying the wealth management model to the healthcare sector, Harris Fraser partners with scientists and medical executives to provide healthcare management solutions for families, children, and individuals.

What people say about Harris Fraser Group?
  • Harris Fraser Group is the most trusted partner in wealth management. The Group has been in business and has had very consistent performance since the 1990s. For that is very precious.

    Philip Lau, Mason Group Managing Director and Chief Executive of Global Wealth Management

  • We want our clients to grow with us, their wealth, to grow with us. We’ve stayed in the industry for thirty years because we can meet our clients’ needs.

    Halena Ng, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

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