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Tailored Solution for Business Partners

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Harris Fraser offers business partnership opportunities.

We pride ourselves on the long-term relationships with our business partners. For decades, we have built extensive, global business networks, working with hundreds of professional consultants and businesses to provide financial services to global clients.

We believe that having long-term valued partners has been instrumental in our growth and successes. We value integrity and honesty, which includes being responsible to our business partners, investors and the public. Everything we do is comes from these core values.

We welcome more business partners to join us so we can grow our businesses together with the same passion and values.

It is important to form strong relationship bonds with our clients, business partners and employees built on trust. Without that, you can’t do anything.


Why we are different?

Our core values apply on everything we do

  • Harris Fraser has the ability and willingness to continuously deliver on our promises.
  • Our integrity is demonstrated in our businesses rough every interaction.
  • At Harris Fraser we believe in investing in knowledge and sharing its benefit with our partners.
  • At Harris Fraser, we develop a deep understanding of business and of people in order to work better together.
Business Partnerships

B2B – Business Introducers

Harris Fraser’s products are introduced to clients out of a network of intermediaries in many Asian countries.

Prudently selected and trained, our business introducer network provides our clients with a range of international financial products to meet their dynamic needs.

  • Dedicated regional account managers
  • Product training, business and sales supports
  • Marketing materials, documentation and administration supports

Professional Consultants

Harris Fraser has a team of professionals with excellent skills, knowledge and experience in the financial and insurance fields. They are licensed and regulated by the Hong Kong authorities to ensure proper advice are given to suit our clients’ best interest. We welcome interested parties to join our growing family.

  • Extensive and diversified products and services
  • Sales and product training, regular market updates and marketing materials
  • Knowledge and experience sharing. Sales and administration supports

Service Providers

In close collaboration with prominent global financial Institutions, Harris Fraser is constantly seeking out innovative products in the creation of tailored well-structured financial plans to maximize potential returns for our valued clients.

  • International Private Banks
  • Local Banks
  • Fund Management Companies
  • Insurance Companies
  • Tax Planners
  • Accountants
  • Lawyers
  • Trust companies
  • Securities Companies
  • Immigration Consultants
Discretionary Investment Management

Increasing pace and complexity of global financial markets present a host of challenges for investors.

Therefore, we manage and invest our clients' wealth with a unique network of experts and business partners, and a complete financial solution to maintain and grow their wealth.

  • We want our clients to grow with us, their wealth, to grow with us. We’ve stayed in the industry for thirty years because we can meet our clients’ needs.

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